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Since Therafit first opened its doors in 1985 for over 37 years we have literally helped countless patients rehab their injuries right. Through innovative care and treatment, we manage nearly every orthopedic condition you might have—headaches, neck and back, poor posture, TMJ, shoulder, hip, knee, and foot pain, etc. — and we do it with a variety of “hands-on” skills including stretching, taping, myofascial release, mobilizations, instrument-assisted soft-tissue manipulation, dry needling, and various techniques, as well as targeted exercises. Sports injury? Preparing for your upcoming sports season? Feel worse after working out? Call us now! Don’t work through that injury, work past that injury. Get better, stronger, faster. Not able to work out? Have other health conditions or orthopedic problems preventing you from going to the gym or are you in too much pain? Try our aquatic therapy. Our 94-degree indoor heated pool is the perfect alternative to get you moving pain free so you can get you stronger and back to the activities you enjoy! Therafit has continued to evolve with the changing healthcare environment where patients and health care organizations demand low-cost, non-opioid forms of care and treatment. If this is you, then call us now!

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Think you are in shape or do not need to see a physical therapist? Take the online survey below and see how you measure up. See how your physical health compares to others. Also, learn how to stay on track and live an active pain-free life.


The Fit-Factor was created by a group of physical therapists with one goal in mind-development of an online resource that people could trust to assess their physical health. The survey contains questions ranging from a person’s exercise habits to interactive self-screening tests on strength and flexibility. Not only will it assess your physical health, but you will then have access to a vast amount of educational information that will enable you to continue taking ownership of your health.

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