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Stronger than when I began!

“Therafit is an established, superior staffed, and knowledgeable business operation.  Therafit provides physical therapy for all sorts of illnesses and injuries.  I personally have been a patient over 12 times in the past 15 years for injuries ranging from a torn hip labrum, torn wrist tendons and shoulder and back surgeries.  The rehab is always, ALWAYS, top-notch and I have been fortunate enough to bounce back better than ever each time.  Always healed and always stronger than when I began.  Don't hesitate to use this well-established PT spot to rehab, or even just to workout in their fitness center."  Mark J.B., Tyngsborough, MA (physical Therapy Patient) 


Back to playing sports!

"I ruptured my ACL which required surgery to repair.  Being a student across the street at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell the location was perfect.  I wanted to get back to playing sports like I was prior to my injury.  After sugery I had a lot of swelling in my knee.  My therapist started off with very low impact exercises while stretching and massaging my knee as well as icing my knee down at the end of my treatments while gradually increasing the difficulty of my rehab over the next several weeks and I was doing a lof of different exercises by the end of my rehab as my leg became stronger.  The therapists appear to take a very personal approach when treating their patients and appear to have a lot of experience and knowledge when discussing your injury as well as what to do after the therapy is done.  The part I liked most about my rehab was the connection that I felt with the staff and that I can play sports again.  I felt the care I received was excellent and wanted to let others know when searching for a place in the area to rehab from an injury or surgery.  Thank you Therafit!!" Maeve Kearnan, Everett, MA  (Physical Therapy Patient)   


Service and staff above and beyond the call of duty! 

I injured my back in 2004. I was knocked off my feet for the first time in my life! It was physically and mentally grueling. After many chiropractor sessions, and deep tissue massage, it was recommended to start physical therapy, and my massage therapist, Barbara Pettricone, recommended Therafit.  In 11 years, I have probably worked with every therapist there, including Darin, the owner.  When I walked in the first time, I didn't think I would ever be able to sit in a chair again for the rest of my life...Pain was unbearable.  Darin fixed me in a few weeks.  Every now and then things flare up, and I go right back there, if I can. If I'm working in the Boston/Cambridge area I cannot get to Lowell during regular (or even off) hours, so I have used other places, but, in my opinion, they do not compare.  Most recently I have worked with John Dao-Tran.  He uses some different techniques than were used in the past--probably a good thing, as it shows they are keeping up with the latest "technology"...  Here's where things make a HUGE difference-- my back flared up before 4th of July weekend.  I called Therafit and they were booked.  I was knocked off my feet all weekend, emailed John, who told me he was biking up to Portland, ME at the moment [ He was probably texting me on his bike!] and would get back to me when he returned.  And, that he did.  He emailed me this morning, he is willing to come in earlier than he needs to be to see me, and I have 5 appointments set up!  Holy Moly!  This is NOT how it works in most places.  He is compassionate, understanding, willing to go that extra step to help a patient out.  This is not how the world works anymore, unfortunately, but it is how they operate.  I'm still amazed!  Thank you for all of your help over the years.  Thank you John for your skill, expertise, compassion and willingness to help out. This is what makes you and Therafit a different and better physical therapy center. 

Sincerely, respectfully, and gratefully,

Judy M.

Chelmsford, MA (physical therapy patient) 


I am running again!

“As a competitive marathoner, my body is pushed to the limits throughout every training cycle.  I’ve suffered from a few debilitating injuries and there was no doubt that I would seek treatment at Therafit.  The PT’s create specialized rehabilitation plans for every individual to get you back healthier and stronger.  Therafit ensures all clients understand every part of an injury and how they plan on helping heal the injury.  Clients are worked hard but safely.  My injuries subsided quickly and I was back on the road sooner than expected and running better than before.  Thanks again everyone!”  Kristen K.  (Physical Therapy Patient) 


Back to doing what I like to do!

"I was treated at Therafit for busitis on my heel and personeal tendonitis.  I had a lot of limited mobility, difficulty with balance and heel pain that was preventing me from doing activities that I normally like to do like hiking, running, etc., and I have had this issue on and off for the past 12 years.  The therapists at Therafit provided me with stretching, massage, and soft-tissue work, aquatic therapy and exercises.  The aquatic therapy was very helpful in that the exercises that I was doing were a lot easier on my foot due to the buoyancy of the water.  Therafit definately takes physical therapy to a new level for me.  I appreciated the expertise of the therapists that I worked with and their willingness to try alternative therapies to address my nagging issues.  I also appreciated the fact that they were very accommodating to my schedule."  Jane Calvin, Westford, MA (Physical Therapy Patient) 


Incredible results!  

“I chose Therafit as the place to do my rehab after my total knee replacement as I have had outstanding results in the past for other injuries.  This opinion is mostly due to the caring and professional staff, however the facilities are incredible as well with modern equipment and a heated indoor pool.  When I began my most recent course of therapy I noticed they had a new device called a Normatec.  Apparently it helps with swelling in your arms and legs and a lot of athletes use is as part of their recovery from injuries as well.  As someone who had a lot problems with fluid in my leg after my total knee replacement one of the therapists asked me if I would like to try the device to see if it would help.  They placed a large sleeve over my leg that and zipped it up from the foot to my upper thigh.  Once the device was turned on I felt a nice squeeze along my foot and ankle that progressively worked its way up to my leg through several chambers.  I have never felt anything like it.  It was not uncomfortable at all and actually felt great.  You really feel a squeeze that gradually goes up your leg.  Then it would deflate and repeat that series for however long you use the device.  After removing my leg from the sleeve after several minutes I could not believe the difference.   My leg looked normal with no swelling!  As I stood up after it was incredible how good my leg felt.  It took a lot of the pain out of my leg immediately and I was able to walk at a normal pace without a limp that lasted several hours.  Each time I used it the results lasted longer each time and eventually my swelling went away completely.  When I completed my therapy I was so impressed with the device that I purchased one myself.  I still continue to use the fitness center at Therafit and love the heated pool.”  Joe LaPlante, Dracut, MA  (Physical Therapy Patient)   


Can now walk for miles!

"I went to Therafit with right foot pain from plantarfascitis.  I was unable to walk even short distances without significant pain and I even had pain at rest.  The therapist I worked with was Danielle and she initially did a lot of stretching and soft-tissue work.  She also had me doing a lot flexibility exercises and strengthening exercises during my appointments as well as icing.  I was also prescribed exercises to do on my own.  Danielle was the best therapist I have ever had.  She was professional, intelligent, effective, healing, had great bedside manner and was encouraging.  I also continued with an aquatic exercise routine after therapy and that really helped my foot pain as well.  Therafit has always been professional, the therapy is effective, ease of scheduling and my appointments have always been on time.  The facility is also clean and there is easy parking.  My foot is doing great and I can now walk for miles.  After I was done with therapy I was able to participate in a political campaign for a local candidate.  I would not have been able to participate in this activity had it not been for Danielle as my physical therapist.  I was going door-to-door, up and down stairs and long driveways without any pain.  Subsequently, my candidate won and the door-to-door campaigning was noted to one of the most effective measures.  Thank you Therafit and especially Danielle!"  Robin Martell, Lowell, MA  (Physical Therapy Patient)


Much more steady on my feet!

My husband Joan and I have been working with Gillian for 3 months.  We are both in our 70’s.  He had health issues and working with Gillian has helped tremendously with his balance and strength and overall health.  Gillian has also seen me as a client and set up several workout routines for me to strengthen my knee (replaced 2016) and has helped me get stronger and in better shape overall.  Gillian is such a pleasure to work with.  Her knowledge and encouragement to both John and I has made working out at Therafit wonderful for both of us.  She is an excellent personal trainer.  Thank you Gillian.  John and Joyce B.    


Pleased with the individual care!

"Therafit is the best physical therapy center that I have ever used.  Everyone who works there is interested in you as an individual and in your problem.  Erica, Danielle and Paul really helped me get better and back to a normal life.  The Fitness Center has a good therapy pool and good exercise equipment.  The staff is excellent, very friendly and is interested in you as a person as well as well as a patient."  Alan Hamwey (Physical Therapy Patient)


In the best shape ever!

"After several years of orthopedic surgeries followed by countless physical therapy sessions at Therafit I began working with Dan just over a year ago.  My goal was to get my now 67 year old body 'back in shape' by embarking on a weight loss and exercise program.  During my twice weekly session with Dan we focus on cardio, strength, flexibility and balance.  His sessions are extremely challenging but age-appropriate and with his encouragement, very doable.  His is quite creative with the activities and is a stickler for correct form.  He also expects me to walk another couple of times a week, whether it be on the treadmill or outside in good weather.  Now, a year later, I am undoubtedly in my best physical shape ever.  For example, I can now jog and bike at a high intensity for short periods.  While initially, I struggled with basic leg lifts, I can now do one minute planks.  My progress has been measurable and significant.  Friends and family have taken notice of my new body and have tossed the 'fat' clothes.  Dan is an excellent teacher and motivator and yet with all the hard work, we still manage to enjoy a good laugh or two, usually at my expense.  I look forward to each and every very sweaty session."  Mary P., Dracut, MA  (Physical therapy patient/personal training client)


Made much more progress than I ever thought possible!

I'm a 70 year old woman with all of the medical issues that you would expect-and then some.  Exercise has proven to be vital to me for maintaining mobility.  Following a variety of surgeries, exercise became even more important though it then became necessary to work within a safe range that would still challenge me.  Gillian is the amazing answer to this fine line that I try to walk.  She helps me, she educates me and she pushes me-all within a safe and injury-free exercise regimen.  She brings new challenges to each session and is always thinking of ways to address the specific problems that I have.  Last, but not least, Gillian is a joy to work with and always brings a bright smile and the much needed encouragement.  

 Edie Logeman, N. Chelmsford, MA (physical therapy patient/personal training client) 





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