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5+ Conditions We Are Treating at Therafit This Fall

Fall is in full force here in New England. That means crisp mornings, changing leaves, a buzzing UMASS Lowell Campus; football, soccer and hockey in full force. It also means busy days here at Therafit Physical Therapy, where we strive to help our patients feel their best.

We have been providing orthopedic and sports injury care throughout the seasons since 1985, with physical therapy staff experienced in all aspects of orthopedic and sports injury care.

Here are just a few of the issues we are helping patients to address this fall.

  1. Addressing sports injuries, rehabilitation and performance enhancement: Physical therapists have the knowledge and skills to help people to prevent injuries and recover from them when they do happen, faster. At Therafit, we work with athletes to look for the root cause to prevent (designing individualized exercise programs for patients with different conditions is a critical aspect of physical therapy) and address injuries and help to keep them from coming back when they occur. If the injury is severe or requires surgery, we guide the recovery and make sure the athlete gets back to the activities they love. In some cases, a physical therapist can help an injured person avoid surgery.
  2. Treating acute and chronic pain: This includes addressing back pain and osteoarthritis, which continue to be prevalent. We stay on top of and leverage insights from the latest research into innovative techniques, modalities, and interventions for managing chronic pain. Dry needling, which involves using a very thin needle to target improvement, can be helpful in the treatment of painful musculoskeletal and myofascial conditions, as well as cervicogenic headaches. Our therapist are certified by the Dry Needling Institute of the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy.
  3. Addressing neurological rehabilitation: We also regularly focus on rehabilitation for individuals with neurological conditions such as stroke, spinal cord injury, and traumatic brain injury, as well as Parkinson’s Disease and Fibromyalgia. Physical therapy aims to help stroke survivors regain functional mobility and independence. It can help stroke survivors stimulate damaged nerves and muscles, promote circulation to affected areas of the brain to promote healing, learn to move and use their affected body parts as much as possible, regain mobility and strength, as well as to prevent or reduce complications such as muscle stiffness, spasticity, pain and falls. It can help restore or maintain physical function, mobility, and independence for people with Parkinson’s disease.
  4. Providing physical therapy to older populations: As the population ages, the demand for physical therapy services is rising. Physical therapy can help to address geriatric care, fall prevention, arthritis, mobility maintenance and more. Falls are among the leading causes of serious injury (e.g., fractures) and death for seniors in the US. Balance problems may develop due to an injury or illness that negatively affects one of these regions. For older individuals, balance problems are often linked to vertigo, ear infections, hearing loss, heart problems, posture changes, arthritis, certain medications, loss of strength, and conditions that affect the nervous system. Additionally, when older individuals fall, they may experience, soft tissue damage, fractures, persistent pain, and other impacts that physical therapy can also help to address. September is fall prevention month; get tips on how to prevent and address falls.
  5. One-on-one personal training: in ou attached fitness center with a full array of cardio and resistive equipment, free weights, and its heated indoor therapy pool.
  6. And more.

At Therafit, we have always been focused on excellence in wellness and rehabilitation and providing the best treatments and modalities for each individual’s unique situation. Whatever is ailing you, chances are we have seen it and treated it.

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