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Therafit's current staff, which consists of highly-skilled, licensed physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, personal trainers and a nutritional consultant provides superior injury rehabilitation results at an exceptional value.  Therafit first opened in 1985 as a small, independently-owned private practice.  Since that time we have assisted tens of thousands of patients and athletes rehabilitate their injuries through proper post-operative care and treatment and we are proud to offer physical therapy, aquatic therapy, customized strength and conditioning programs, personal and athletic training services, a full-membership health club and recently we have grown to include nutritional consulting services. 

We care for a variety of conditions including; Headaches, neck and back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee and foot pain.

We commonly treat athletic-related injuries such as; Rotator cuff tears/repairs, tendonitis, ACL tears/reconstructions and foot surgeries.

We care for a variety of orthopedic conditions including; arthritis, osteoporosis, joint replacement surgery, spinal laminectomies, spinal fusions as well as many foot condtions like plantarfascitis, achilles tendonitis and neuromas. For more detailed information about the conditions we treat explore our "Patient Education" tab on the top right and click on any topic to get started. 

Our staff has a diverse background in all aspects of orthopedic and sports injury rehabilitation.  Utilizing the latest, most widely-accepted therapy techniques and rehabilitation protocols, our staff has refined, and continues to advance, these skills through continuing education coursework, seminars and advanced training. 

Some severe conditions may require the use of medications, injections or surgery.  However, many aches, pains and injuries can be quickly resolved with proper evaluation and treatment from an experienced physical therapist.  At Therafit, we pride ourselves on helping patients to get better, faster, as well as present them with valuable knowledge on how to better care for themselves to help avoid injuries later.