Are you hurt or injured?  Do you suffer from chronic aches or pains?  Does working out or exercising at home not help or worsen your pain?  Do you spend hours every week searching online for answers or trying to manage the pain on your own?  Have you been told it will get better with time and is has not?  Have you spent hundreds (even thousands) of dollars on home remedies, devices or advise?  Do you chronically take medication for pain?  If any of this describes you please call Therafit now.    

Our staff of highly-skilled, licensed physical therapists offer superior injury rehabilitation results at an exceptional value.  Therafit has assisted tens of thousands of patients and athletes rehabilitate their injuries time and time again through our cutting-edge care and treatment.  At Therafit we treat a variety of conditions including; Headaches, neck and back pain, TMJ, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee and foot pain and we do it all using a variety of "hands-on" skills.  

We commonly treat athletic-related injuries such as; Rotator cuff tears/repairs, tendonitis, ACL tears/reconstructions and foot surgeries.

We treat a variety of orthopedic conditions including; arthritis, osteoporosis, joint replacement surgery, spinal laminectomies and fusions as well as many foot conditions like plantarfascitis, Achilles tendonitis and neuromas.  You name it, we treat it! For more detailed information about the conditions we treat explore our "Patient Education" tab on the top right and click on any topic to get started. 

Many aches, pains and injuries can be quickly resolved with proper evaluation and treatment from an experienced physical therapist without the use of medications, injections or surgery.  But don’t just take our word for it, click on some of our testimonials or view our nationwide patient satisfaction results above.  We pride ourselves on helping you to get better faster.  At Therafit results matter!

Think you are in shape or do not need to see a physical therapist?  Take the online survey below and see how you measure up.  See how your physical health compares to others.  Also, learn how to stay on track and live an active pain-free life.  

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